Birth Trauma Therapy & Parenting Support in Newcastle & Gateshead

Whether it is your first time, or you are already a parent, it can be a difficult time.

Natasha's Experience...

‘I am a mother to two wonderful, but equally exhausting, little ones and I can say now that the journey to early parenthood was not an easy or natural one for me. I experienced a very difficult and traumatic birth with my first child and those first few months were a rollercoaster. The help that I needed with this transition and change just was not there.’
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Becoming a parent is ‘supposed’ to be a magical time but the reality is that it can be a very overwhelming and challenging time. Sometimes we need support to process the highs and lows that we experience along the way.

Natasha's personal experience is what has driven her to want to offer a safe and compassionate space for mothers, fathers and birthing people who feel they would like to explore their birth experience further, or feel they need some support with their psychological wellbeing in early parenthood. See below for information about the support sessions and regular therapy sessions that we can offer. We can see you on your own or as a couple – babies are welcome too.  

If you are experiencing any of the following then you may find talking to someone helpful:

A traumatic experience

Including flashbacks of your birth expereince

Have you witnessed a traumatic birth?

Support working through your experiences


Feeling like you are struggling to bond with your baby

Post Natal Anxiety

Support with worrying, fears and anxious thoughts

Post Traumatic Stress Disorder

PTSD following your experience

Baby Loss

A space to talk through your experience or loss

Post Natal Low mood/Depression

Helping you to feel happier

Relationship Difficulties

Difficulties in your relationship with your partner

Relationship Difficulties

Difficulties in your relationship with your partner

Who am i?

Adapting to the change in your identity as a new parent

Pain when intimate?

Worrying what may happen or experiencing pain when intimate

Transitioning back to work?

Support juggling the demands of being a working mum

More details:

Providing the support that you need

Regular Therapy

If you feel you would benefit from regular therapy sessions, we can offer you weekly or fortnightly appointments either in person or online. We like to work together with you and spend the first 2-3 appointments getting to know you and carrying out an assessment of your current difficulties. Sometimes gaining an understanding in the first few sessions is enough for people; however, where this is not the case, we can see you for as long as you feel that you need it - we will come up with a plan together.

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dont forget - you are doing a great job!

support session

Being a parent can be hard and sometimes we just need a bit of space to talk things through –maybe you are feeling a bit overwhelmed, or you are feeling a bit irritable or maybe you are struggling with your relationship with your partner. We are able to offer you a one off 50-minute face to face or online consultation appointment which will focus on a particular topic. We will provide you with some advice, psychoeducation and recommendations. These appointments are usually a one off but if you feel that further appointments would be beneficial then this can be arranged.

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