Internal Family Systems Therapy (IFS) in Newcastle and Gateshead

A powerful and unique therapy approach unlike no other.


What is IFS?

IFS is a profound yet deceptively simple therapeutic approach which brings hope and is non-pathologising.

Richard Schwartz developed IFS after hearing clients talk about the parts of themselves that they were experiencing within themselves - A part of me feels angry/sad/ashamed etc. a part of me wants to not go to work/eat/exercise/control things etc. People have parts. These parts can hold beliefs, feelings, perspectives and unresolved experiences from earlier in your life. From extensive research into this Richard Schwartz developed IFS - a way of understanding our internal systems to help us heal and transform.

The result of creating inner connection and safety is inspiring - patterns of behaviour that you felt confused or powerless over reveal their origins and accessing and working with that in a safe way brings about a depth of healing that is quite different to other models of therapy. It is a safe respectful therapy putting you in the driver's seat - building a sense of internal communication and connectedness that remains even outside of the therapy sessions.

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What can IFS help with?:

General Functioning and wellbeing

Anxiety and panic

Trauma and Post Traumatic Stress

Depression and low mood

Obsessions and Compulsions

Physical Health Conditions



Eating Problems