Therapy for Children in Newcastle & Gateshead

Helping children and families to understand and make sense of a child's difficulties.

Supporting children to thrive

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Life can be very difficult for children and adolescents to navigate, and mental health difficulties can develop at any age.

This may be because of an event that has been particularly stressful or traumatic or the difficulties could have built up over time. A child’s cognitive, emotional and physical development changes overtime and the way they respond and interact to the world around them can be impacted by this.

What issues can we help with?

Childhood anxiety and worries

Overwhelming worry, panic or fears

Low Mood / Depression

Feeling sad/upset/unhappy a lot of the time

Attachment and relationship difficulties

Difficulties with forming and maintaining relationships

Self-esteem issues

Let us help your child build up confidence.

School issues

Difficulties in school with peers or attendance

Changes in the family

Including parental separation & divorce

Toileting issues

Supporting parents and young people

 Problems with self-harm

Help with finding other ways to cope

Family Conflicts

Support with family relationships

More details:

no long waiting lists

Parent & Family Consultation

We offer in person or online consultation appointments for parents who need some support or advice now.

In this appointment we will work together to gain a better understanding of one area of difficulty that the family or child are experiencing and provide some advice and recommendations. This appointment is usually a one-off session; however, if you feel further appointments will be beneficial this can be arranged.

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Providing the support that you need

Therapy for Children

A comprehensive assessment with the child and family usually takes 2-3 sessions and will help us understand the difficulties you are experiencing in more detail. Once this is complete, we come up with a plan together. Appointments are usually offered on a weekly or fortnightly basis and, depending on the age of the young person, appointments can be with the family, the parents/carers or the young person by themselves. We also provide EMDR therapy for children and young people. Read more about this here.

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Eye movement desensitisation & reprocessing

EMDR for Children

Dr Natasha Wallace is trained in EMDR for children and young people. EMDR is a therapy approach which is used to treat any disturbing or distressing life event. It is especially good at treating BIG traumas (such as abuse, violence, single episode major accidents) but is also extremely effective for treating LITTLE traumas (such as bullying, change in schools, divorce, an embarrassment, impact of COVID). Click here to find out more about EMDR with children.

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