The Therapy Process

1. Contact Us

If you are looking for some support, it is likely that you have already identified an area that you would like support with. Contact us on our contact page to arrange a free, no obligation, 10 minute consultation call to discuss your needs with one of our therapists.

2. The Initial Call

Here we will briefly discuss what you are seeking support for and whether we are the right people to provide that support for you. This call also gives you an opportunity to as us any questions. Here we will identify which Psychologist would be best to meet your needs.

3. Booking An Appointment

Once we have identified the right psychologist for you, they will contact you to book in an initial appointment. You will be sent an e-mail containing information about your appointment and location. You will also be sent our terms and conditions, privacy policy and a form to complete - everything is done online so there is no paperwork to complete.

4. Initial Appointment

The first 2-3 appointments will be an assessment of your needs. This involves trying to understand you, your life and your experiences better. We will talk about what you would like to work on and how we might be able to help you to achieve this. Please note that child assessment appointments usually involve a parent or carer.

5. Therapy Appointments

Each appointment is 50 minutes long and are usually either weekly or fortnightly. The duration of therapy will depend upon your needs and goals. Progress will be reviewed periodically throughout the therapy process to make sure that we are meeting your needs.

6. Moving Forward

As you progress through therapy we will review and see how we feel it would be best to bring the therapy to a conclusion. For some it may be that therapy is concluded altogether and for others it may be that the frequency of appointments is reduced or follow up sessions are planned to review progress.

If you would like to discuss therapy further, contact us through the contact page.  

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