Professional Services

Supervision, consultation and training for other services and professionals.



At Revive we are able to offer consultation appointments to other professionals and professional organisations. Consultation allows the Psychologist to offer their skills and advice around case management. This may be around a particular child or young person and might involve meeting with parents/carers, education settings, local authority etc. Consultation offers:
- Support to organisations working with a particular individual 
- An alternative perspective
- Facilitate and support decision making      
- Help to explore difficulties

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BPS approved certificate in clinical supervision


Dr Natasha Wallace is able provide supervision to other psychologists and mental health professionals and completed supervision training which is approved by the British Psychological Society in 2014. Please contact Natasha for more information. The cost of supervision is £100 per hour.

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inter-professional learning

Teaching and Training

Natasha is able to offer bespoke teaching and training packages depending on your requirements. Natasha has experience of delivering training to private health and social care organisations and teaching to university students. Examples of training that has been delivered include:
- Mental Health Training (including diagnosis specific training)
- Self Harm and Suicide Training
- Training around trauma e.g. Trauma Conversations
- Basic CBT teaching to university students
- CSE training to foster carers
- Attachment training
Please get in touch to discuss your requirements.

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