Compassion Focussed Therapy in Newcastle and Gateshead

Compassion focussed Therapy

Compassion focused therapy


Compassion Focused Therapy aims to help those who struggle with self-criticism and shame and encourages people in treatment to be compassionate towards themselves and others. It is not uncommon for people who experience difficulties with self-worth to report that other forms of therapy have not worked. CFT acknowledges that the relationship we have with ourselves and the way we perceive that people feel about us have a profound impact on our wellbeing – both positively and negatively. CFT helps us let go of the self-blame that we often attach to negative thoughts and aims to build self-confidence and develop self-compassion.  

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What can CFT help with?:

self Cricisism

Anxiety and worry

Improving self esteem


Overcoming guilt and Shame

Eating Problems

Managing stress


What happens in CFT?

In CFT you will work on developing skills to help you experience compassion and encourage a feeling of compassion for both yourself and the world around you.  CFT may be used as a stand along approach or alongside other therapeutic approaches. How many sessions you will need depends on your goals. This will be discussed in your initial appointment. Please contact us today if you would like to discuss CFT in more detail.

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